Photo By Ines Álvarez Fdez from Unsplash


PLA is definitely, without a doubt the sexiest plastic out there in the 3D printing space! Not only is the plastic durable enough for prototyping and making functional prints such as phone stands, hooks, pencil cases or whatever, but it is also biodegradable as well! Along with that, there is also the added bonus of it being a very easy plastic to print with, as it succumbs to minimal warping and no splitting during the printing process, AND it prints at the lowest temperature of all of the filament types out there making it the perfect plastic to use with any 3d printer (As long as it is the FDM type printer)! As well as that, PLA is also the cheapest type of plastic out of the three mentioned, with there being hundreds of different colour variations and composites to choose from as well such as marble PLA, metallic PLA or wooden PLA!

Image by Maker’s Muse Youtube Channel


If PLA is the sexiest, then ABS would be like the grandfather to all 3D printable thermoplastics as it is the original plastic that was used when 3D printers first came out!

Photo from Google Images


Ok, so if ABS is hard and durable and PLA is easy to print with, then is there a plastic that has the combined strength of both of these attributes?

Image By Prusa



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